Railway booking clerks making short remittances: CAG

Sushant Ranjan
Tuesday, 24 July 2018

These debits, the report said, were pending for considerable periods ranging from nine months to 33 months

Pune: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has revealed that Indian railway staffers – especially some booking clerks who did not deposit the collected fare amounts – with various divisions of Central Railway and administration’s failure to recover them from the staffers was another area of concern.

In various divisions of Central Railway, outstanding balance under ‘admitted debits’ was Rs 56.27 lakh by the end of March 2017. Though half yearly reviews were conducted by CR administration and results reported to Railway Board, no concrete efforts were made either by the Commercial or the Traffic Accounts Department to initiate necessary action to recover the old outstanding amounts as per codal provisions. 

These debits, the report said, were pending for considerable periods ranging from nine months to 33 months in all five divisions namely Pune Division (Rs 6.63 lakh), Mumbai Division (Rs 20.59 lakh), Bhusawal Division (Rs 25.09 lakh), Nagpur Division (Rs 3.50 lakh) and Solapur Division (Rs 0.47 lakh).

“There was accumulation of admitted debits in various divisions of Central Railways (CR) as codal provisions for clearance of admitted debits were not implemented by Railway administration. Staff misappropriated cash and did not remit cash in full. System of recovery of outstanding amount, in convenient monthly installments, also encouraged continuance of the practice of short remittance of cash by the staff,” read reports.

The report said, “Railway administration failed to take disciplinary action against the employees who were habitual defaulters. All Zonal Railway Administrations need to issue JPO expeditiously so as to put in place a mechanism for streamlining the system of remittance of cash by staff and minimizing the cases of misappropriation of station earnings.”

From April 2014 to December 2016, eight booking clerks were regularly making short remittances of cash, but the Railway Administration failed to take disciplinary action against them. The provisions of disallowing the staff to continue in the posts involving cash handling were also not being followed. Admitted debits amounting to Rs 3.05 lakh were not recovered from 14 Booking clerks for reasons such as long absence, transfer and TIA credit awaited.

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