Pune sees a peaceful Ganesh idol immersion 

Sunil Pradhan
Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Lakhs of devotees bid adieu to their revered Bappa

Pune: Barring a few minor incidents of thefts and five incidents of drowning, the overall law and order in the city during Ganesh immersion was peaceful, all thanks to the 9,000 police officials deployed on the immersion duty. 

Government authorities including police and officials of Pune Municipal Corporation were successful in reducing the total Ganesh immersion procession time by 25 minutes compared to 2016. As per information given by city police officials, it took 28 hours and 05 minutes to complete the mammoth exercise. The immersion process started at 10.15 am from Mandai on Tuesday and culminated at 2.20 pm on Wednesday with the immersion of Ganesh idol of Gokul Vastad Talim Tarun Mandal Trust at Nateshwar Ghat.

Barring five incidents of drowning, the entire immersion procession remained peaceful. Over 900 police officials were deployed for keeping an eye on the crowd and managing the procession. According to the city police officials, in all 4,484 public Ganesh idols and 4,87,019 household Ganesh idols were immersed during the festival. In all 3,064 Ganesh mandals and 1.64 lakh households immersed Ganesh idols on the last day of immersion. 

The mandals used the Laxmi Road, Tilak Road, Kumthekar Road and Kelkar Road to proceed to the ghats for immersions.

Crime during Ganesh immersion
- An unidentified person stole a gold chain from one Vaibhav Sonawane, a resident of Karve Nagar when he was busy in  Ganesh idol immersion procession on Laxmi Road near Kulkarni Petrol Pump on Tuesday evening.
- One Vishal Chavan was arrested by the Vishrambaug police for stealing a mobile phone from one Mohit Mahadvale at Belbaug Chowk on Tuesday evening.
- Two persons were assaulted during a scuffle when the Ganesh idol of Jay Malhar Mitra Mandal reached Annasaheb Magar College. A case of assault was lodged at Hadapsar police station.

Total immersion time

Year        Time 
2017    28 hrs 05 min
2016    28 hrs 30 min
2015    28 hrs 55 min
2014    29 hrs 12 min

Roads used by mandals

Road               No. of mandals 
Laxmi Road               241 
Tilak Road               197
Kumthekar Road           47              
Kelkar Road              127
Total                   612

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