Pune city’s water supply hampered, later restored

ST Correspondent
Friday, 12 October 2018

Now, the PMC will demand restoration of its water quota which was reduced in last week’s canal meeting by the Water Resource Department. 

Pune: As Khadakwasla division of the Irrigation Department stopped water supply of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on Thursday, the city’s water supply was hampered badly, during the festive season. The water supply was later restored after civic officials approached Water Resource Minister Girish Mahajan. Now, the PMC will demand restoration of its water quota which was reduced in last week’s canal meeting by the Water Resource Department. 

NCP criticised BJP government and held an agitation in the PMC as the city suffered water scarcity. After that, Mayor Mukta Tilak held a press conference and spoke to Mahajan over the phone. 
At the conference, Tilak said, “The minister assured about restoring the water supply. Now, we are getting regular water supply from Khadakwasla division of the Irrigation Department. He has called a meeting of Khadakwasla division and civic officials in the next week about Pune city’s water issue. In the meeting, we will demand to restore our 1,350 MLD water quota throughout the year. We will take a precautionary measurement to save water with proper management. We are also going to demand action against Khadakwasla division officials who stopped water from Khadakwasla dam to the PMC without giving any prior intimation.” 

VG Kulkarni, Chief Superintendent of the Water Supply Department of PMC said, “On Wednesday afternoon, Khadakwasla division stopped water supply from the dam. It affected the entire city’s water supply on Thursday. We contacted them and requested to continue water supply.” Otherside, Khadakwasla division officials said, “It was decided in the canal meeting that the PMC will get 1,150 MLD water instead of 1,350 which they are currently lifting from the dam. We sent a letter to the PMC about the decision last week and requested them to make a plan accordingly by reducing water intake from the dam. However, the civic body did not follow it. Hence, we stopped the supply of excessive water other than 1,150 MLD. We just followed the decision of canal committee.” 

Meanwhile, civic officials wrote a letter to Khadakwasla Division on Thursday. It has been mentioned that as per the canal committee meeting decision on October 4, 2018, it has been decided that Khadakwasla division reduced water quota of the PMC from 1,350 MLD to 1,150 MLD. “Based on the decision, the civic body is preparing the water supply schedule of the city. However, the festival season is on. If water quota during the festival is reduced, then we will have to face strong reaction from the people. Hence, it looks difficult to implement water cut in Pune city. We are ready to lift 1,150 MLD water from the dam after Diwali,” a civic official said.

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