Pune-based start-up designs new app ‘Knowmad’

Prajakta Joshi
Monday, 25 March 2019

App to provide college goers with a verified space to share their stories

Pune: For most of us, college days are the most memorable days, no matter even if they are spent in gruelling science laboratories or boring lectures. But hanging out with friends after that has no match with any kind of happiness present on this planet. Colleges and classrooms are full of experiences and innovations for the students who need a platform to showcase the wonderful world around them.

In a bid to provide the college goers with a safe and verified space within the student campus community where they can share their stories, a Pune-based start-up has come up with a new application called ‘Knowmad’. While the application has been pilot-tested at Fergusson College, the founders are now in talks with SPPU, to convert it into a ‘Knowmad Campus’.

“We are pursuing the Knowmad Campus project with the authorities of Smart City as well. Smart City comprises of smart people, and these people will come out from the smart universities and colleges,” Kapil Pawar, Founder and CEO, Knowmad, said.

Till now, the application has over 500 registered users. The company is also in talks with the MIT College and a few university campuses in Europe as well.

Talking about the utility of the app, Pawar explained, “College students are full of creativity and new ideas. However, to get one article or poem published in a college magazine, or to find mention of one’s achievements, a student has to wait throughout the year. Even then, there is no guarantee that the magazine will have space for everybody. Hence, we came up with the idea of a platform, where the students will be able to share their work on a daily basis.”

Every few hours, the app will keep updating the top 10 stories from different connected campuses, which will keep featuring in the feed of the users. While any student with his/her campus details can become a user, only the verified users, known as the featured users will be able to share their stories. The stories shared will be curated first with help of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and then by campus teams of ‘Knowmad’ before they make it to the top 10 list. 

“The feeling of being in a university, for most of the students, is limited to classrooms. But these university communities can be a platform for the youngsters to express themselves in their truest form,” Pawar added.

While it’s mainly a safe space for the university students to share their stories, those who wish to take admissions to new universities will also be able to check what’s happening at colleges across the globe through the app. It will also be a platform for the former students to stay connected with their college community.

“We are soon integrating the feature of Google Maps in the app so that instead of searching for colleges and region manually, the users will be able to see ‘Knowmad’ campuses on a map,” Pawar asserted.

A team of Knowmad is also operating in Europe to get more campuses under their radar. However, Pawar wants the project to begin in Pune only. “Sure, there are challenges for a start-up like ours getting a good response in our country. This idea would have rather grown faster in Europe or in the USA.
However, we want to start it in Pune, and at SPPU specifically. Unless we start out here, we will not be able to overcome the challenges,” he exclaimed.

Knowmad will also soon introduce a system of rewards. While gift cards and discount coupons might be in the bag.

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