Pune-based firm designs IDE sensors for predicting industrial breakdowns

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 24 July 2018

The IDE is capable of measuring high-frequency data and is enabled with WiFi and cloud computing technologies

Pune: To answer the problems arising due to industrial breakdowns, city-based company Infinite Uptime is offering a novel solution by designing Industrial Data Enabler (IDE) sensors, which will help in predictive maintenance, thereby reducing downtimes. 

The IDE is capable of measuring high-frequency data and is enabled with WiFi and cloud computing technologies, which help in providing end-to-end solutions to industry experts when it comes to preventing breakdowns in the industry. While speaking to reporters on Monday in a press meet in the city, Raunak Bhinge, Founder and Managing Director, Infinite Uptime, said that the IDE is made up of four different sensors, which help in data collection of vibrations, temperature, acoustics and others. 

“The data collected is analysed to make sense out of it. This process helps in productivity optimisation. Right now, it is 20 mm in size and we are working to reduce its size further. A machine undergoes wear and tear and this IDE will help in recording those so that an alert is generated, which can help in reducing unplanned downtime incidents and increase machine efficiency,” added Raunak.

Each individual IDE needs to be fixed on a machine component. Raunak said that there is currently no need of customisation of the IDE, as it can cater to different companies including the auto sector, manufacturing, defence and others. “Around 70 per cent of breakdowns are due to mechanical failure. I was in search of some scalable data for my research at UC Berkeley, but I could not get any such data. This led me to design the product,” added Raunak.

Speaking about the success of the product, Chief Growth Officer, Infinite Uptime, Abhijit Jorvekar, said, “Results of this predictive analytics have been phenomenal. In one such incident, 10 hours of unpredicted downtime were saved per month per machine, saving about $9000, achievement of 50 per cent lower breakdown, improved key performance indicators of the machine, 25 per cent of more production potential unlocked per year towards direct profit, savings of 24 hours of unplanned downtime per month and enabling continuous data monitoring for anomaly detection. This solution actually helps the industry to move from preventive maintenance to predictive and proactive maintenance, which can reduce industrial breakdowns by about 70 per cent.”

The company has received funding from different investors from across the globe. Raunak said that currently they are catering to more than 8 clients and are working with another 60 of them to understand the industry needs.

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