Pune among top users of free Wi-Fi service at railway junctions

Sushant Ranjan
Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Sucharita Pradhan, spokesperson of RailTel, said, “The passengers in Pune consumed 2 TB data in April, which shows they are watching online videos and downloading videos.”

PUNE: The Pune railway junction is on the top 10 list in the country for consuming Internet. The Wi-Fi service available since April 2016 is getting good response. The facility is provided by the RailTel corporation in association with global information technology giant Google. As per data provided by the RailTel, around 10,000 users consumed 2 terabytes (TB) data in April this year. 

According to RailTel, Pune, Allahabad, Vijaywada and Visakhapatnam who consumed on average 2 TB of data in April. Vijaywada and Allahabad saw 1.4 lakh Wi-Fi users in this month. Sucharita Pradhan, spokesperson of RailTel, said, “The response of Wi-Fi at around 400 stations across the nation is very good. The data consumption is based on the number of videos downloaded by users. It cannot be estimated just on the basis of users of website. The passengers in Pune consumed 2 TB data in April, which shows they are watching online videos and downloading videos.” 

“We always conduct surveys at the station where the service is available. Officers available at Pune junction provides us feedback of passengers using the facility,” said 

A RailTel official deputed at Pune junction said, “Most of the passengers arriving at Pune junction are using Wi-Fi service. Around 1,500 to 2,000 passengers are asking everyday for extending the service for more hours. Sometimes they complain about the slow speed. We try to provide good speed, but there are thousands of users using the service. It shows that the passengers are giving good response.” 

There are many youths who frequent the railway station to tap the Wi-Fi service. Pratyush Sonawane, a second year college student, said, “To download heavy-sized movies or game files in the mobile we used to go to Pune junction. We buy the platform ticket and start using the facility. The service is good and speed is also good.”  Sachin Jagtap, another college student added, “Our group often goes to the station at night to surf the Internet service. We watch YouTube videos, play online games. It does not buffer at all as the speed is great and it’s for free.”

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