Poor posture leading to cervical spondylosis among children

Namrata Devikar
Monday, 1 April 2019

Doctors share importance of good posture for a healthy life among children

Pune: A 15-year-old boy suffered from cervical spondylosis, commonly called arthritis of the neck that happens due to the wear and tear changes that occur in the cervical spine (neck) over time. 

Slouching, hunching, no proper back support and not taking care while getting up from sitting position, all this can seriously affect neck, back and joints of not just adults, but of children as well. 
Posture while handling mobile phones is the most vulnerable position.

Dr Garima Anandani, Clinical Director, QI Spine Clinic said that the condition causes severe neck pain, making it impossible to move the neck.

“Cervical spondylosis is nowadays commonly seen in young adults who are in their 30’s and 40’s due to lifestyle-related causes,” she said. 

But this child, who was 15 years old and had come to us, the condition was extremely worrying,” said Dr Anandani. She said when the 15-year-old visited the clinic, he was not able to move his neck.
“He had excruciating neck pain that was radiating to his right elbow, stomach and sometimes his back. Merely getting up from a sitting to standing position caused him a lot of discomfort. The severity of pain affected his sleep as well,” said Dr Anandani.

The young boy was given Frequent-Specific Micro-stimulation (FSM) treatment which helped reduce the acute pain and activate healing and tissue regeneration. After this, the boy was advised to do muscle strengthening exercises.

Dr Nameeta Agarwal, Senior Spine Specialist, QI Spine Clinic noted that only after two to three therapy sessions he started responding well.

“We focused mainly on his posture. He was sitting for as long as eight hours in school in the same position and spending the rest of the time at home and in classes which led to his condition,” said Dr Agarwal.

Eye opener for parents
According to doctors, the young boy’s case is an eye-opener to not just parents, but also schools and the society at large. Dr Anandani added that slouching, hunching, no proper back support can affect neck, back and joints. 

“It is crucial that school going children are sensitised about the difference between good and bad posture and effects of prolonged sitting. Outdoor sports should be encouraged among children. A healthy and balanced diet helps children develop a stronger body. Parents should keep this in mind as well,” added Dr Anandani.

Simple ways to improve posture
Good posture: Be more conscious about how you are sitting. Take frequent breaks when you have to sit for long hours in one position.
Use a Lumbar Roll: When you are sitting at your desk, make sure to use Lumbar roll. This will provide proper support to your back.
Elevate your study table: If your work involves a lot of bending for writing or reading, use an elevated standing study table so that you can adjust the level of the desk according to what is comfortable for your posture.
Limit gadget usage in children: Prolonged bending of a child’s neck while using the phone or laptop can put the excess load on the neck. Use the phone or laptop at eye level and limit usage in children. Opt for outdoor activities instead to keep your child active.

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