PMRDA to soon build water purification centre in Wagholi

ST Correspondent
Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Water Resources Dept had recently approved 3 TMC water for PMRDA

Pune: The Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) has called for tenders for a 5 MLD water purification centre in Wadhu village. The centre will be built around 12.5 km from Wagholi village and will lift water from Wadhu Dam. 

The Water Resources Department had recently approved 3 TMC water for PMRDA. Officials of PMRDA said that Rs 23.1 crore has been approved for the project. PMRDA will build the intake well, connecting pipes, jackwell, pump house and purification centre.

PMRDA Chief Kiran Gitte said that, currently, the water supply to Wagholi is around 2.2 MLD, which will be increased by 1.46 MLD.  “We will be increasing the pumping hours of current pumps and also water from wells will be purified, which will further add to about 0.5 MLD of water. This will also help in providing water to Avhalwadi. We understad that we need to act fast and we will surely provide water to Wagholi. The current population of Wagholi village is around 1.2 lakh, which is expected to touch 6 lakh by 2021 and we have to be ready to cater to this demand,” added Gitte.


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