PMC staffers undergoing vasectomy to be rewarded

ST Correspondent
Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Pune Municipal Corporation has decided to set up a ‘Bedside Caregiver Centre’ for senior citizens at Erandwane area in PMC-run Tharkude Hospital. The Standing Committee gave approval to the proposal on Tuesday’s meeting. The centre will provide health services to the senior citizen. The centre will run on ‘no loss, no profit’ basis. Colonial Club organisation has given the contract to run centre as well as to train manpower for the centre. The Club will train people on how to handle senior citizens and provide them with health services. The civic body has given 1,500 sq ft of space to the training centre for five years and will give Rs 1,000 to Club to train per person for the centre. 

Pune: Now, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) employees will get a one-time reward of Rs 50,000 for undergoing a vasectomy after one child. The decision has been taken during the Standing Committee meeting on Tuesday. 

Earlier, in 2011, the civic body had proposed to give two increments to employees. However, it has scrapped this earlier proposal and introduced a one-time reward money scheme to employees. The proposal was passed after one month on Tuesday during the Standing Committee meeting. 

Yogesh Mulik, Chairman of the Standing Committee said, “Under the family welfare scheme, We have taken a decision to give Rs 50,000 as a one-time reward to employees who will undergo a vasectomy after one child.”

The civic administration tabled this proposal in the Standing Committee. 

As per the proposal, the PMC will give the reward under the ‘Ladki Lek’ scheme of Social Welfare Development. 

Currently, the corporation deposits Rs 50,000 in a nationalised bank in the name of the girl whose family undergoes a vasectomy after having one child. 

Based on that, the civic body wanted to give a one-time reward of Rs 50,000 to their employees, instead of giving two increments in their salary. 

While speaking to Sakal Times, Anil Muley, Deputy Commissioner of General Administration Department, said, “Earlier, there was a proposal of giving two increments to employees. Now, we have tabled a proposal to scrap the former and implement a new proposal of a one-time reward.”

 “Actually, around 20 employees were applicable for two increments but the scheme was stopped in 2011. Now, they will be applicable for a one-time reward,” he further added. 

In 2011, on the lines of the State government’s proposal to give increment to their own employees for undergoing a vasectomy after one girl child, the corporation had implemented the scheme. 

However, suddenly the civic body came to know that the scheme was not sanctioned by the State government. They issued a circular to withdraw the scheme and recover the amount from the salary of beneficial employees in 2014. 

According to that, the corporation recovered two increments from their employees’ salaries.

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