PMC seizes 600 abandoned vehicles encroaching roads

ST Correspondent
Monday, 23 April 2018

There could be more than 50,000 such abandoned vehicles in the city

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) seized around 600 abandoned vehicles from different parts of the city that were causing hindrance to the traffic as well as were encroaching upon the roads. 

Madhav Jagtap, Head of Anti-Encroachment Department of the PMC said, “Since two years ago, the corporation is conducting frequent drives to seize abandoned vehicles across the city. The PMC has so far seized 690 vehicles and will be auctioning them.” 

He added that these vehicles are encroaching upon the road space. The PMC has sent a letter to the police to check whether these vehicles are involved in criminal cases. 

In peth areas, the roads are congested and are  encroached upon by hawkers and parked vehicles. The Anti-Encroachment Department officials said there are around 50,000 such vehicles in the city. 

The PMC has started sticking notices on abandoned vehicles. So far, the notices have been stuck on 5,000 vehicles. These notices give a deadline of seven working days and mention the colour, registration number and type of vehicle. 

According to the law, the owners can reclaim their vehicles after paying a fine of Rs 2,000 and are instructed to remove or dispose them within a month. If the owner fails to act, the civic body can tow away the vehicle and scrap it.

City roads
 City has 2,000 kms of roads 
 The width of roads varies from 7.5 metres to 60 metres. 
 435 km of roads are 7.5 metre wide. 
 Peth areas have maximum roads with width of 7.5 metres to 20 metres

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