PMC mulls service charge for garbage collection

Siddharth Gadkari
Sunday, 22 July 2018

The civic body wants to levy service charge on door-to-door segregated garbage collection to control the garbage menace. Sakal Times, in a two-part series, tries to find out how the PMC will implement it and how the NGOs and common people will react to it

Pune: On the lines of Indore city wherein service charge is collected from each household and commercial establishment for garbage collection, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), too, wants to collect the service charge for collecting household garbage. The civic body is considering door to door collection (DTDC) with the service charge as it believes will solve the garbage problem. The civic body wants to start this system on a pilot basis to check its viability. 

According to statistics available, the PMC has signed an agreement with SWaCH, a non-government organisation, to collect door to door segregated wet and dry garbage for five years (till 2020). They are collecting segregated waste from around 6 lakh households with the help of 3,200 waste pickers across the city. They collect around 450 tonnes of garbage daily out of total 1,800 tonnes per day of total garbage collection across the city.

The PMC gives Rs 3.50 crore per year to SWaCH as administrative charges to operate the system. The NGO has framed Rs 40, Rs 60 and Rs 110 per month garbage collection user charges from slum dwellers, societies and commercial establishment respectively.  

While speaking to Sakal Times, Suresh Jagtap, Head of the Solid Waste Management Department of PMC, said, “There are more than 12 lakh households in the city. Out of that, we have only reached around 40 per cent of households. Out of that, only 80 per cent pay monthly charges to SWaCH as it is not compulsory.”

He further said, “If we make it compulsory, the civic body will not pick up garbage from non-paying households. 

They have to use the corporation system. It will help the corporation to get 100 per cent segregated garbage. The segregated garbage collection will reach from 450 tonnes to 1,000 tonnes per day. It will save time and money of corporation. The PMC can easily process segregated waste with different processing plants. Primary garbage collection is most vital part to solve garbage problem.”

Last year, Indore city officials visited PMC and study SWaCH door to door garbage collection model. They implemented it in Indore Municipal Corporation with compulsory monthly segregated garbage collection charge of Rs 60 from residential and Rs 90 from commercial establishment per month. They have appointed four persons with a van for every 1,000 households to collect garbage daily. There are total 4 lakh households in Indore. 

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