PMC to buy fogging machines

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Preventive step:  The Pune Municipal Corporation routinely foggs various parts of the city to control breeding of mosquitoes.

Pune: Waking up from its slumber after half the rainy season is over, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to purchase fogging machines to keep vector-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc under control.

A proposal was approved by the Standing Committee on Tuesday. According to it, the fumigation department of the PMC has 10-year-old fogging machines, which frequently develop technical problems. So, the PMC could not carry out fogging at many places to control breeding of mosquitoes.

Interestingly, while drafting the budget for financial year of 2017-18, the civic administration did not make a monetary provision despite the fumigation department of the PMC making a demand for fogging machines.

However, the civic administration decided to go for re-allocation of funds amounting to Rs 1.44 crore to purchase thermal and cold fogging machines. Also, the PMC will hire vehicles for carrying out fogging. The decision about purchasing fogging machines was taken though the Supreme Court has banned fogging. For the past few months, cases of citizens falling prey to these diseases have been on the rise and the PMC has failed to control the situation.

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