PMC’s e-learning project to roll out

ST Correspondent
Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Balbharti officials are unaware of the whole issue

Pune: The e-learning project proposed by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for its schools is all set to be rolled out from this academic year, ie 2018-19.

The PMC Education Officer stated that the digital content for the project has already been verified, and presently, the BSNL, which has been given the contract to install necessary hardware and connectivity at the schools, has already begun the work.

The project, which will be carried out in three phases, will start with a set of 100 schools this year.

“The content for the project has been framed in correspondence with the Balbharti curriculum. After framing, we had a team of 100 teachers who cross verified the content with the syllabus and made whatever changes were necessary,” Shivaji Daundkar, Education Officer, PMC, stated.

However, as opposed to the usual procedure, the PMC has not sought a nod from Balbharti while designing and approving the e-learning content. 

In fact, the Balbharti officials are unaware of the whole issue.

The centralised e-learning system has been planned at 287 schools run by PMC, in three phases over the next three years.
“PMC plans to set up virtual classroom management system at all the 287 PMC schools for students to experience the best quality of audio video in real time. Virtual classroom comprises of a studio at the centralised location and remote classroom at each school. The virtual classroom will enable PMC to conduct online interactive classes across the network,” states the PMC website.

PMC has also stated that plans to set up at least one digital classroom at each of the schools, the number may vary from three to four.

It further states, “PMC shall provide educational content in English, Hindi, and Marathi and in 2D as well as 3D formats. The content will include simulations of lab experiments and math concepts to explain it in a more interactive way. Softwares such as school management, digital library, lifecycle management and online exam module have been introduced for students to assimilate the concepts easily.”

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