PM speaks to NRIs while people here suffer: Shatrughan Sinha

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

“A qualified economist like Raghuram Rajan was taken off from the RBI and was insulted by the government because he refused the proposal of demonetisation,” Kumar Ketkar said.

PUNE: Actor and MP Shatrughan Sinha, who has been on a tirade against his party in recent times, said that PM Narendra Modi speaks to NRIs, while people suffer back home. He was talking at a conference organised by the Vasantdada Seva Samiti on Tuesday, titled ‘India’s progress after 2014: Reality and Illusions’. 

“The PM speaks to ‘Non Reliable’ Indians and ‘Non Required’ Indians overseas while people wait for ration and justice at home. The government has become arrogant,” Sinha proclaimed, adding, “The note ban destroyed small businesses and lives of common man. GST added to the woes. I am not opposing the PM, I’m trying to show a mirror to him.”

“I was with the BJP from when it was a small party to today, when it has become so big. But before BJP, my commitment is to the common people,” Sinha said, adding, “I have no allegations in my career and life on me other than recently when my own party is attacking me for being so vocal.”

Prithviraj Chavan, former chief minister, said, “Many slogans and claims of development were made in 2014, but in the following years, everyone saw what came out of those. Modi proclaimed that he will bring a corruption-free government, but the current government is one of the most corrupt governments in the history of India.”

“The Indian government will be losing Rs 1,000 crore per Rafale jet. Anil Ambani’s company, which has no experience in manufacturing, has been declared the partner of Rafale in India. The French government has no qualms about giving the details of the deal, then why is the government insisting on a secrecy clause?,” Chavan said, adding “The ‘non corrupt’ PM is silent about it.”

“No one had asked for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train. It was when the International Financial Centre was denied to Mumbai and shifted to Ahmedabad, the need for connecting the businessmen from all over the world landing at Mumbai to this centre in Ahmedabad rose. It is the costliest project order given by any country to another in the world yet,” Chavan said, adding, “We have not been given a gift from Japan, but we have to pay every Yen back to them as loan. The government has not given any data about how these loans are to be paid, how much will the tickets cost, etc.” Kumar Ketkar, a well-known editor and recently elected Rajya Sabha MP, said, “A qualified economist like Raghuram Rajan was taken off from the RBI and was insulted by the government because he refused the proposal of demonetisation,” Ketkar said, adding, “The institutions built by the nation over decades are being dismantled by the Modi government.” 

“The BJP government has not only damaged internal institutions but it has also failed to deliver on the much touted foreign policy. Modi decided to avoid attending the forthcoming Non Alignment Movement nations’ meeting,” Ketkar said, adding, “The media has also fallen under pressure to toe the line of the government because of financial compulsions.”

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