Parts of Pune suffer more than six-hour power cut

Sushant Ranjan
Thursday, 28 June 2018

Residents from Baner, Kothrud, Lohegaon and other areas faced the brunt of the cut

Pune: It was a terrible Tuesday for hundreds of city residents as they had to suffer power cuts for more than six hours on the day.  

Residents from Baner, Kothrud, Lohegaon and other areas faced the brunt of the cut. The residents’ efforts to contact the MSEDCL officials or its call centre were in vain. The power cut also hit the water supply to these areas. 

Medha Vaidya from Jijainagar, Kothrud said that power cut took place from 6.30 am in their area. 

“With no power for the entire day, I could not charge my mobile phone and was cut off from the world. It also disturbed the entire day’s schedule. I called up the MSEDCL office in our area. I was told that a cable had snapped, causing power failure. Power was restored at 11 pm,” she said.

Officials claimed that some areas saw major waterlogging as it has been continuously raining in the city for the past few days. “Waterlogging damaged underground cables. We tried to connect them but it was causing a short circuit,” said an executive engineer of MSEDCL from Kothrud area.

Irshad Hussain, a student from Lohegaon, said, “On Tuesday, there was a power cut for about 6-7 hours since evening. This affected studies of students like me. The authorities must ensure that such things do not happen in the future as it is rainy season and it becomes difficult to walk on road in dark.”

Residents of Baner had to suffer for around 6 hours due to a power cut on Tuesday. When contacted, an MSEDCL official at Baner area said there was a problem with a DP box. 

Power cut for safety 
When overhead supply lines snap due to the felling of trees, branches or damaged electric poles, electric current may be still passing through the wires. Discretion is also advised while working in areas, where water logging takes place such as in the basement or at underwater transformers. Power should be disconnected to prevent mishaps, stated an advisory from the MSEDCL.

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