Only 200 colleges from Pune region get approval

Pranita Roy
Monday, 22 October 2018

318 colleges in the region yet to complete their institution profile for approval

PUNE: Only over 200 colleges from Pune region have received approval for scholarship schemes. Three hundred colleges are yet to complete the scholarship process. The last date for colleges to complete their institutional profiles for enrolling into scholarship process is October 31.

So far, 213 colleges from Pune region have been approved for scholarship schemes by regional office (RO). There are 523 colleges under the DHE, Pune region, of these 318 colleges are yet to complete their institution profile to get approval from RO.

There are 36 regional officers, joint directors (JD) and information technology experts who will guide the colleges about enrolling into the scholarship process and complete their institution profile, informed DHE.

There are 3,063 aided colleges under DHE, of these, 2,091 are under process to complete their institutional profile. 1,791 colleges have received approval from joint directors of respective regions.

Directorate of Higher Education (DHE) has asked all colleges to complete the procedures so that disbursement of scholarship amount can be done as soon as possible.

“We have been repeatedly circulating notice to colleges across the state to finish the procedures for institution profile and get approval from the respective RO of the region. Soon after the procedures are completed, we will disburse the amount through online process to all beneficiaries,” said Director of Higher Education, Dhanraj Mane.

This year, DHE has received around six lakh application from students for scholarship. While, the state has sanctioned only Rs 60 crore to DHE for scholarship this year, out of the demanded amount of Rs 363 crore. Last year, they were granted Rs 67 crore out of Rs 368 crore demanded. The amount was against 72,267 students for 2017-18.

“Although, we make a budget of Rs 363 crore or so, only the amount required against the number of applicants is disbursed by the State government. So far, none of the beneficiaries have suffered,” stated officials from DHE. This year for the first time, DHE will transfer money online. In the first phase, around Rs 25 lakh has been disbursed against 212 students.

“We are still receiving applications from colleges as last date is by end of the month. Therefore, the amount sanctioned by government will increase phase wise,” said DHE.

Every year, students are required to reapply for scholarship, informed DHE.

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