Now, shell out more for parking even at night

ST Correspondent
Wednesday, 21 March 2018

PMC Standing Committee okays revised parking policy

Pune: After heated discussions for almost a month, the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) Standing Committee finally gave the nod for the parking policy with revised charges. Now, citizens have to shell out money for parking their vehicles across the city. The committee has revised charges from Rs 10 to Rs 2 per hour for two-wheelers and minimum Rs 10 to Rs 50 per hour for four-wheelers. 

Committee members have cut down charges for parking according to zones. The PMC has divided areas into three categories – A, B and C – based on demand for parking. 
Now, the PMC will charge Rs 10 per hour (earlier proposed rate Rs 5 per hour) for four-wheeler parking at the roadside in Zone A, while in Zone B it is Rs 15 (as against earlier rate of Rs 75) and Zone C it is Rs 20 (against Rs 100) per hour. 

For two-wheeler parking, citizens will pay Rs 2 (earlier proposed rate was Rs 10) per hour for Zone A, Zone B it is Rs 3 (against Rs 15) and Rs 4 (as against Rs 20 proposed earlier) in Zone C. 
The committee also revised off-side parking rates. 

Earlier, the administration proposed night parking charges as Rs 50 per day from 10 pm to 8 am. Now, the revised rate will be Rs 10 excluding congested areas and Peth areas. In the congested Peth areas, it Rs 25 was proposed, but now Rs 5 will be charged. 

In slum areas, Rs 12.50 per night will be charged. The PMC also suggested a fine for violation of parking rules for night parking, which includes an anti-encroachment fine. Now, it will be Rs 2.50 per day. 

The parking charge policy was mooted to curtail private vehicles and compel people towards using public transport. 

When contacted, a senior official of Traffic Planning Department said, “We cannot claim our purpose has been served completely. But, it is true the parking policy will instill discipline among private vehicle owners as they will have to pay parking charges.” Ambulances, special person vehicles and bicycles have been exempted from these parking charges. 

For implementing the new parking policy, the city will be divided into three zones, each of which will be allotted to a contractor. It has been estimated that in Zone A, there is less than 60 per cent of parking demand, while Zone B has a demand for parking between 60 and 80 per cent and Zone C has over 80 per cent parking demand. The rates will vary based on these zones. 
Civic chief defends parking policy 

Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar said, “Pune is implementing the parking policy for better management of roads and solving the traffic problem. Cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Delhi and Ranchi have already implemented the parking policy. We divided the city based on demand for parking so it will not put burden on people. This parking policy will be successful after effective implementation in the city. It is difficult to manage 1,800 km of roads for parking. But, we did it after a detailed survey of roads and parking demands.” 

Congress leader Arvind Shinde said, “We are not against the parking policy. But when we tabled the parking policy in 2010, BJP corporator Mukta Tilak opposed it. Now, when there are eight new members in the Standing Committee, BJP suddenly passed the proposal with revised parking rates. The BJP is cheating Puneities.” 

Yogesh Mulik, Standing Committee Chairman, said, “We have taken the decision for the betterment of the city. Parking policy is the need of the city.” 

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