Now, CBSE podcast will give directions to schools

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

‘CBSE - Shiksha Vani’ is on Play Store

PUNE: The Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) has started a podcast platform called ‘CBSE - Shiksha Vani’ to disseminate uniform directions to all its affiliated schools.

“Evaluation of answer books of the Board 2019 Examinations has already commenced. In line with the board’s zero-error policy for evaluation, standard directions are required to be circulated to the evaluation centres spread across the country. Against this backdrop, the board has prepared its own podcast platform to henceforth disseminate crucial information related to the board’s activities in a timely, educative, lucid and seamless manner,” the circular released by the board stated.

Easy availability of up-to-date information regarding educational tools and initiatives that can improve outcomes is the aim of introducing the podcast.

‘CBSE - Shiksha Vani’ is available on Play Store for Android phone users. After downloading it from the Play Store and installing it, the members can receive the audio/video information files on their cell phones as and when uploaded by the board.

Podcasts are highly engaging in comparison to written information issued in the form of circulars. The board expects the school’s fraternity to utilise this podcast facility to inform themselves of the authentic and latest information and guidelines of the board on academic and training initiatives, examinations and other important areas and procedures.

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