Now, access FPS even if Aadhaar no. not linked

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Supply inspector asked to help citizens get their Aadhaar linked to FPS

Pune: Deputy Commissioner of Food and Supply Department, Nilima Dhaygude on Monday said that people can access public distribution system (PDS) from anywhere in the state. 

Dhaygude has also asked supply inspectors to provide ration to people in case they fail to access the ration shop as it is linked to the Aadhaar system. 

Recently, various organisations protested at the collectorate office claiming they are being harassed at the ration shops as their Aadhaar is not getting linked. Speaking to reporters, the deputy commissioner said people are facing issues at fair price shops (FPS) as their fingerprints are not recognised at the point of sale machines at FPS. 

“I have instructed food supply inspector to help people get ration if their Aadhaar is not linked. I assure that people will get food grains even if their Aadhaar is not linked. The supply inspectors will also be responsible to link the Aadhaar of the person trying to get foodgrains at FPS,” Dhaygude said. 

As there is no helpline by the department for people to complain, Dhaygude said she has asked all FPS to display the mobile number of the zonal officer at the shop. 

Speaking of harassment by FPS owners she said the department can take action against FPS if they are found denying people of their rights. “Recently we have not taken any action against FPS but if we receive a complaint against any FPS, we can take necessary action,” said an official from Food Supply Department. 

Dhaygude said the FPS should be open for minimum eight hours a day including four hours in morning and evening respectively. “Each person is entitled to five kg grain including wheat and rice,” added Dhaygude. 

On the controversy of cheap quality of tur daal at FPS shops, she said the tur available at FPS is of good quality and cheap. “In retail shops, tur daal is available at Rs 68 whereas at FPS it is Rs 55,” she said.

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