Noise levels above permissible limits in Pune during Diwali 

Sunil Pradhan
Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Data collected from MPCB clearly reflects the rising noise pollution 

Pune: With an aim to curb pollution, the Supreme Court placed a ban on the sale of firecrackers in the national capital region but Pune city too faces the menace of noise pollution during the Diwali festival. Data of noise levels collected from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) clearly reflects noise level crossing the permissible limits leading to problems for citizens. 

As per the city police officials, noise level over 75dB(A) is damaging for the health and there is a need for awareness among people about noise pollution. Police officials said that people must take care while bursting firecrackers near hospitals and silence zones. 

Although the data reflected by MPCB on Diwali day in last three years has shown a downward trend the noise level continues to cross the permissible limits thus pointing to the need to focus on ways to reduce noise levels in the city. 

The MPCB collects data across fifteen locations including Shivajinagar near Sakhar Sankul, Nal Stop, Satara Road, Swargate, Yerawada, Khadki, Kothrud, Shaniwarwada, Laxmi Road, Mandai, Saras Baug, Koregaon Park, Deluxe Talkies Chowk in Pimpri and at two points at Chaphekar Chowk in Chinchwad. 

Noise levels in Pimpri-Chinchwad continue to cross the level of 80dB(A) in last three years. Similarly, noise levels in areas like Swargate, Shaniwarwada, Laxmi Road, Sarasbaug and Karve Road go above 80 dB(A). 

Police officials said that this year they are well equipped with noise meters which will help them in reducing noise pollution in the city. 

MPCB data 
Areas Sound level recorded on Diwali & Laxmi Pujan days on dB(A)
                         2016   2015   2014 
Shivaji Nagar    72.4    72.3    82.2 
Karve Road       91.3   92.7    96.4 
Satara Road      74.3   70.3    81.6 
Swargate           82.8   82.9    80.5 
Yerawada          72.4   71.9    72.1 
Khadki               72.4   72.9    81.6 
Kothrud              87.1  81.5    96.1 
Shaniwarwada   84.5  85.3    85.4 
Laxmi Road       93.3   80.5    74.2 
Mandai              84.3   84.2    74.6 
Sarasbaug        83.0    79.3    78.4 
Koregaon Park  75.7   83.5    86.0 
Pimpri                86.7   83.8    90.4 
Chinchwad        81.5   78.7    83.0 

Code                Daytime Nighttime 

A Industrial area      75     70 
B Commercial area      65     55 
C Residential area     55     45 
D Silence zone         50     40 

1. Daytime is reckoned in between 6 am and 9 pm 
2. Nighttime is reckoned in between 9 pm and 6 am 

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