No thermocol decoration for Ganesh festival this year

Neha Basudkar
Saturday, 14 July 2018

Bombay HC dismisses petition to relax ban on the sale of thermocol items

PUNE: The Bombay High court dismissed the petition filed by the Thermocol Fabricator and Decoration Association seeking a relaxation of the ban only for this year’s Ganesh festival to be celebrated in September.

The association moved the HC for relaxation of the prohibition on single-use thermocol decoration for Ganesh festival this year, but on July 13, the court declined to relax the ban on the sale of decoration items.  

According to the plastic ban, manufacture and use of a large number of plastic and thermocol items have been banned in Maharashtra, implemented from June 23. Harish Jalan, President of Thermocol Sajavat Sanghatana told Sakal Times that if this ban is not relaxed at least for this year’s Ganesh festival, then the industry would suffer huge financial loss.

He also stated that the petition filed in the court on June 29 to relax the prohibition, mentioned that the association’s members would suffer huge financial losses if decoration material made of thermocol is not permitted to be sold in the market. “We had also submitted an undertaking to the State government stating they will themselves dispose of the material,” he added.

He also said, “Before June 23 (the date of implementation of the ban), we had requested Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam to relax the prohibition on thermocol ban till this year’s Ganesh Festival because 70 per cent of our makhars (thermocol decoratives) and other thermocol decorations needed for Ganesh festival are ready. If the ban is not relaxed for this year, then around two to three lakh people dependant on this business, will suffer the most.”

“Now, we will again request the environment minister to relax the ban. If this is not happening, then we will have no option left but to protest in huge number,” Jalan said.

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