Nigdi house burgled; booty worth Rs 97.2L

ST Correspondent
Monday, 18 June 2018

Security gaurd steals ornaments and electronic items

Pune: Ornaments and electronic items worth Rs 97.20 lakh were stolen from a three-storeyed bungalow allegedly by a security guard of a bungalow on Saturday night near Bhakti Shakti Chowk. 

Nigdi police said they booked the accused identified as Govind Pariyar, who hails from Nepal. The police said that the complainant, Vinod Agarwal, stays with his family in Panchavati bungalow. The incident occurred after 7.20 pm on Saturday. 

One more accomplice was also booked. The police found blood spots and so concluded that the accused got injured while breaking into the bungalow. The police said ornaments, cash, electronic items like laptop totally worth Rs 97.20 lakh were stolen from the bungalow. 

Police Inspector Vijay Kumar Palsule said two police teams have been formed to crack the case. Police Inspector Shankar Awtade is investigating the case. “There was a security guard working for Agarwal for past ten years. He was on leave and he had recommended Govind for the job for some days,” the police said. 

The incident came to light on Sunday morning as the Agarwal family had gone out for a function on Saturday and returned home on Sunday morning. The police said the security guard was aware of the CCTV cameras and so had put the cameras off before committing the crime. Senior police officials visited the spot.

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