NGOs, MP oppose Hinjawadi to Shivajinagar metro route

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Chavan and Green Pune Movement took objection to 4 FSI to Metro corridor

PUNE: The Green Pune Movement, a cluster of city-based Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), and Vandana Chavan, Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament (MP) from Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), have raised objections to the Pune Mahanagar Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) Metro corridor from Shivajinagar to Hinjawadi and the four Floor Space Index (FSI) to Metro corridors in the city.

On Friday, Chavan and Green Pune Movement members took objection to the 4 Floor Space Index (FSI) to the Metro corridor, which would create pressure on the infrastructure of Pune city, and Pune Mahanagar Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) corridor of Swargate to Hinjawadi. 

Green Pune Movement comprises National Society for Clean Cities, Sajag Nagrik Manch, Parisar, Surajya Sangharsh Samiti, Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Jal Biradari, Jivit Nadi, Bavdhan Area Samiti, Save Pune Hills Initiative, Parivartan and other NGOs, totalling one dozen.

Chavan said, “There are already three routes that have been sanctioned and their work has started. Now, there is additional 23 kilometre of Hinjewadi to Shivajinagar Metro route added, which is not needed. There is no need for the Hinjewadi to Shivajinagar Metro route. They will not get sufficient commuters.”

She emphasised on giving four FSI only to nearby Metro stations instead of giving it to total metro corridors. 

Aneeta Gokhale-Benninger, city based urban planner, raising the issue of infrastructure, said, “If we give four FSI to all metro corridors, it will increase pressure on basic infrastructure of the city. The current average population density of Pune city is 102.63 people per hectare. The total population of Pune is 35 lakh. Hinjewadi to Shivajinagar corridor will bring in additional population of 70 lakh, double that of the current population of Pune.”

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