Naidu Hospital gets a special Nipah ward

ST Correspondent
Saturday, 2 June 2018

It is only a preventive measure, says PMC

Pune: As the fear of the Nipah Henipavirus, which is commonly known as the Nipah virus, is spreading across the country, the Naidu Hospital run by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has set up a special ward as a preventive measure for possible Nipah infections. 

The PMC had instructed for a special Nipah ward to be created through its Health Department.

As per the information given by Additional Commissioner Shital Ugale, the PMC has started taking preventive measures to handle the deadly virus. There have been no cases of infection yet but there were requests for such a ward to be created at Sassoon Hospital. The Sassoon Hospital has replied saying that if such a ward is created, an unnecessary panic may spread through other patients.

The Naidu Hospital of the PMC specialises in handling contagious diseases. The PMC said as there has neither been confirmed cases of the virus nor any suspected case, this measure must be seen as preventive only and citizens should not panic. 

PMC’s Health Department has also been instructed to handle contagious diseases which can cause epidemics in a better way during the rainy season. The PMC has also made arrangements for appropriate storage and stock of medicines and vaccines for major and minor diseases. 
Ugale said the civic administration is prepared to handle any health situation arising during the rainy season.

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