Museum to come up at foothills of the Shivneri fort near Junnar

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Joint project by Deccan College and Solapur University will depict the Satavahana Dynasty and will open by 2020

Pune: A first of its kind museum depicting Satvahana Dynasty to come up at the foothills of the Shivneri Fort in Junnar taluka. The museum, which is a joint project by  Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute (Deemed University) and Solapur University, will be opened to the public by 2020.

Vice-Chancellor of Deccan College Vasant Shinde said, “We have got the initial funds from Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) for the project which will be carried out jointly with the Archeology Department of Solapur University. We had carried out the excavation at this site decade ago. We have got funds of Rs 1 crore granted by RUSA under Ministry of Human Resource Development and the UGC.”
“During the excavation, we got to know that Junnar was an important centre of trade between India and Rome. Actually, the raw material from Rome would come to Kalyan port and from there it would land at Junnar. Here, it would get distributed to all other parts. Similarly, Junnar’s Naneghat (hilly road to reach Konkan) was the first capital of Satavahana Dynasty, so it has pre-historic importance too,” added Shinde. He further said that the project is expected to get completed in two years. 

Maya Patil from Solapur University said, “Solapur University had conducted excavation in 2015 at Ter in Osmanabad district.  In our findings, we came to know the importance of Junnar and Paithan as trade cities during the Satavahana times. The caves there were created by Nagnika, the princess, who ruled over the region by performing coronation of her minor son.”

Shinde said, “We are going to display the utensils, jewellery, life and death events of the people from Satvahana era. During the excavation, we had found the remains of houses, utensils and various other items that too will be displayed.”

Shrikant Ganvir from Deccan College, who is also working on the project, said, “Along with various rare items from the Satvahana period, we are also going to depict pre-historic till medieval period interpretations.” 

Shinde said that the museum would come up at the old guest house in Junnar. “We want to make it a tourist attraction,” he said.

Development of Junnar

  • Local MP Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil has been pursuing the matter with the State government since 2007 to develop the entire Junnar area considering its historical importance. There have been talks with Deccan College, Giribrahman Sanstha and Archaeological Survey of India to develop ‘Ambar khana’ and ‘Nagar khana’ at Shiverni Fort, 
  • “Since 2002, various projects of historical importance have been taken up. The State had granted funds of Rs 86 crore for it,” said Sanjay Khatri of Giribrahman Sanstha.

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