Move to halt violence against city doctors

Saturday, 12 January 2019

‘Quick Response Services’ to be launched

Pune: With the increase in cases of violence against doctors and damage of properties at hospitals, to help the medical professionals and initiate a positive dialogue between patients and doctors, Nivrutta Police Kalyan Sanstha (NPKS) and Core India Institute of Legal Medicine Pvt Ltd (CIILM) are all set to launch an innovative project ‘Quick Response Services’ on January 13, 2019, at police headquarters in Shivajinagar.

This announcement was made by members of CIILM and NPKS at a press conference held at Patrakar Bhavan. Suresh Kamalakar, Vinayak Jadhav from NPKS and Dr Srikant Kelkar, Dr Subhash Behere and Dr Bhagyashri Kakade from CIILM were also present for the press conference.

The team will focus on peace-making by initiating a doctor-patient dialogue and also helping to solve the issues amicably. At the conference, NPKS Pune President Vinayak Jadhav said, “Our focus is to have a positive intervention if a situation of crisis arises and also to initiate a positive dialogue between doctor and patients.”

Hospitals that will get associated with Quick Response Services will get communication training from them as they will be trained on how to communicate with the patients and their relatives which is a part of their preventive measures. If the situation of crises arises in a hospital, immediately two officers of that area will reach and help both the parties to resolve a tense situation amicably.

Dr Bhagyashri Kakade, Director CIILM said, “These attacks happened in the past, not only involved the doctors but also jeopardise the safety of other patients at the hospital. Thus, it is very important to have a positive intervention and this team of retired police officers who are expert in disaster management will be ready for the intervention during the time of such a crisis.”

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