Moshi foot-over bridge in bad state

Neha Basudkar
Thursday, 25 October 2018

PCMC and National Highway Authority of India are blaming each other for the condition of the FoB

Pune: The foot-over bridge (FoB) in Moshi is caught in a battle between the authorities leaving the pedestrians in the lurch. The foot-over bridge constructed over the busy Pune-Nashik Highway near Moshi is full of garbage, broken bottles and is stinking.

The blame game between Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) and National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has put the visually impaired in a fix. Recently, visually impaired Ramarai Pangare, along with her colleague Reshma Ramtike was travelling from Nashik to Pune by bus and they got down near the Moshi bus stop late in the evening. They wanted to cross the road so they took the overbridge and were surprised to see the condition of the bridge. 

Reshma said, “It was 7.30 pm when we got down from the bus. Ramarai and I were trying to cross the road. The traffic at the time was heavy and we were unable to cross the road. We saw the foot-over bridge and decided to use it. But the condition of the bridge was so bad that it was scary to even climb its staircase. Garbage was littered all around the bridge even on the staircase, it was stinking and there was no railing or roof.”

Pangare said, “It becomes very difficult for us when such a situation arises, especially in new cities or areas. Foot over-bridges are built so that it becomes easy for pedestrians and people like us to cross the road. But what can we do if the civic body is not paying attention about the infrastructure that they have made?”

PCMC said that the area does not fall under its jurisdiction and NHAI is  responsible as it has constructed the foot over bridges. When contacted  Sohan Nikam, Executive Engineer of NHAI said, “We have not constructed any foot-over bridges and they have been constructed by the PCMC. Also, now, the road is under the jurisdiction of the Public Works Department.” 

Meanwhile, Nitin Kalje, corporator of Moshi area, said, “I am aware of the condition of the bridge, but we cannot do anything since it is under NHAI’s jurisdiction. Still, I will try my best to get it repaired and maintain it.”

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