Modi script documents to be in public soon

ST Correspondent
Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The state-funded project Modi archives are waiting for its formal inauguration by State Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. 

Classified Modi documents can be now accessed online as C-DAC that has developed the Modi font

Pune: Under the Digital Annotation and Archiving System for Heritage Script, Centre for Development of Advance Computing (C-DAC) has developed a common technical platform for putting up the classified documents originally written in Modi script in the public domain. 

The state-funded project Modi archives are waiting for its formal inauguration by State Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. 

Associate Director and head of the department, Graphics and Intelligence Based Technology (GIST), Mahesh Kulkarni, said, “The State government has funded the project for the consolidation of the Modi script documents from across the country. We have created a common platform for all the organisations and institutions, which have the Modi script documents, by creating a login id and password for them. The organisations have to digitise their documents and all the necessary content they have in Modi script and upload it on this common platform with the help of the login id created for them,” he added. We have generated a good response from the organisations so far,” he said.

Kulkarni further said, “The classification of the documents would be done on the basis of its time period (in which period it was written), its class and which part of the country it belongs to. Interestingly, though we have Standard Modi script, the region-wise writing and pictorial display of the script varies region-wise and for that, we need to be careful while putting it in public domain,” he said.

Similarly, over the centuries, the script has undergone several changes and can be classified under Shivakalin, Bahamani and Peshwakalin script,” he informed, adding that the project was started a few months back.

The Rs 40 lakh project will open doors for the researchers, academicians, language learners, translators and others to know, understand, learn and depict the gone era. C-DAC last year had launched the Modi script mobile app for the script’s preservation and proliferation. 

“C-DAC has also designed the cover page of a Diwali issue of Vasundhara Modi Vrutta (special issue was taken out during the Diwali festival in Devnagari language) written in Modi script. 
“The issue is being published by Vasundhara Bhasha Modilipi Savardhan Aani Sanshodhan Kendra, (VBMSAS), Pune, for last four years, but it was handwritten. 

“This time it was for the first time that the Modi script font developed by C-DAC was used to take out the issue,” said the head of the VBMSAS Mahesh Joshi. 

“The four-page issue has articles contributed by Modi script learners from Pune and Mumbai on various issues,” said Mahesh Joshi. 
“We also generate a weekly newspaper in Modi script for private circulation,” he added. 

“The aim behind it was the preservation of this script,” said Mahesh Kulkarni, adding that learning the script will help to convert the Devnagari into Modi and Modi into Devnagari as we have developed this language converter too. He also said that learning it will help the academicians, legal experts, historians and researchers besides the amateur.

Joshi said, “The Modi script, which has undergone changes, can be classified under Shivakalin, Bahamani and Peshwakalin script. Of which Peshwakalin script is ready for launch. With technological backing we hope that the script will be conserved and useful for future generations.”

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