Miffed Kakade hits back

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Sanjay Kakade  said, “Danve won’t win if the party fails to form coalition with Shiv Sena.”

PUNE: After BJP-backed MP Sanjay Kakade didn’t receive an invite to attend the Lok Sabha review committee on Thursday, he said that he would give the right answer at the right time. Kakade attacked State BJP President Raosaheb Danve and said that the party will win 40 seats in Lok Sabha election if it fails to form a coalition with Shiv Sena. Meanwhile, BJP has condemned Kakade’s statement and warned him that he should be careful while issuing statements in future.

Kakade  said, “Danve won’t win if the party fails to form coalition with Shiv Sena.” 

Kakade further said that Danve would lose his seat by more than 1.40 lakh votes.

He further stated that he would give a fitting reply at the right time. On Thursday, BJP had held a party meeting ahead of Lok Sabha polls but Kakade was not invited. Responding to a question about why Kakade was not invited, Danve replied that only party functionaries were invited for the meeting.

A BJP official said, “Party comes first in BJP. No one is above the party. Everyone must follow party discipline. Party has a structure, rules and regulations. However, Kakade is behaving as if he is above all. He wants to create his own lobby within the party. It is not possible in the BJP. On the top of it, he is directly issuing statements against party. Therefore, there is strong opposition to him from within the party.”

Meanwhile, Yogesh Gogawale, city President of BJP, issued a statement stating that all elected members, including corporators, members of legislative members and Lok Sabha MPs, condemned Kakade’s statement. The statement said that BJP has its own organisational structure, in which decision is taken at the organisational level. “We think that Kakade does not know the party system. Therefore, he is  issuing irresponsible statements. All these statements issued by him are against the party and the same is damaging the party’s image. Therefore, Kakade should speak carefully,” it stated. 

Kakade has also targeted district Guardian Minister and Maharashtra Civil Supplies Minister Girish Bapat. He said, “Bapat should tender his resignation over the High Court order on the Public Distribution System (PDS). He doesn’t have any right to continue as minister. On January 18, 2019, the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court issued an order that Maharashtra Civil Supplies Minister Girish Bapat should restore the licence of fair price shop in Beed district. The licence had been cancelled by the district supply officer (DSO) in November 2015. 

Miffed Sanjay Kakade says will give right answer at right time

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