Mechanical sweeping machines to clean Pune roads

ST Correspondent
Thursday, 26 July 2018

PMC has selected Yerawada, Dhole Patil Road and Nagar Road ward office area for this initiative

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to clean city roads with the help of mechanical sweeping machines. At present, the corporation has selected Yerawada, Dhole Patil Road and Nagar Road ward office area. A machine will clean 40 km roads daily. The corporation has claimed it will save money compared to manual sweeping. 

On Tuesday, the Standing Committee sanctioned a proposal of Rs 16 crore for cleaning roads with sweeping machines. The PMC has given the contract to a private agency for five years. The contract will provide three machines for three ward offices.

According to the vehicles department, the proposal stated that nearly Rs 12.57 crore is spent on manual sweeping of the roads every year. The civic body will be able to do the same work by spending Rs 9.67 crore with the help of machines. The contract is to be awarded for the next five years, so more saving is expected from mechanised sweeping.

The civic body claims the move will save Rs 2.9 crore as compared to manual sweeping. Machines will clean footpaths and dividers also. They will clean around 120 kilometres of roads daily in three ward offices. All roads will be cement concrete roads of width more than 24 metres.

According to PMC officials, one machine costs Rs 1.5 crore. But the PMC has dropped the idea to purchase machines due to maintenance issue and skilled manpower and they gave the contract to a private player. 

Yogesh Mulik, Chairman of Standing Committee said, “The cost of manual cleaning of roads is very high. So, we chose the machine option. The PMC is using contract labourers to clean roads. Now after introducing the machines, we will use this manpower in other services and for cleaning roads in newly merged villages.” 

DPR for extension of metro route
The Standing Committee has approved extension of the metro route from Vanaz to Chandani Chowk. The committee gave sanction to make Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the extension route. Due to increasing population and traffic congestion, the committee has taken this decision. 

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