Marathi medium students protest against FC’s move

ST Correspondent
Friday, 15 June 2018

Classes of History and Sociology in Marathi have been stopped

PUNE: As Fergusson College (FC) is all set to turn into a university, it has started taking arbitrary decisions without considering students’ concerns, according to some students. They point to the closure of Marathi medium classes in History and Sociology.

However, Principal Ravindrasinh Pardeshi said the college has decided to follow the rules laid down by the government strictly. He said the college never had a provision to provide any subject other than Economics and Political Science in Marathi. 

“In the first year, we have general subjects which are offered in Marathi language. Students are supposed to opt for special subjects in the second year. Every year we mention in our prospectus that except for two subjects, Economics and Political Science, all other subjects will be provided in English only.”

“Certainly the college had been imparting these courses in Marathi until last year. 

“We were only considerate to our students and that many pursue UPSC and MPSC so it should not become difficult for them, we would allow them to take the courses in Marathi. But as per the rules, we are not supposed to do so. Hence, from this year we are trying to strictly follow the rules,” said Pardeshi.

About 30 affected students staged a protest outside the principal’s office on Thursday. The students claimed that so far the college had been providing lectures in Marathi for History and Sociology even after it received autonomous status. However, only this year their rules have changed, which is creating hurdles for second year students to seek admission in these subjects.

“Even last year, our senior batch was allowed to take classes in Marathi. This helped the Marathi section of the college. The college has been offering these subjects for over 20 years in Marathi. We were not even given any ultimatum about stopping it suddenly,” said a student from the History department.

Another student said, “This has not only affected the students who come specifically from Marathi region but many who are aspiring for competitive exams like UPSC and MPSC. It would be convenient for them to study these subjects in their regional language.”

The students demanded that the college provide a letter or government resolution that has been passed in this regard. To which Pardeshi said, “When it is clearly mentioned in the prospectus of the first year, there is no question of a letter to be issued for the same.”

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