Mahadhan to launch India’s first ‘combo’ fertiliser soon

ST Correspondent
Friday, 29 June 2018

It will combine chemical fertilisers with organic material

Pune: Mahadhan, one of the well-known fertiliser brands in the country, has invested in a multi-crore setup, which is the first of its kind in India and will produce India’s first fertiliser that will combine traditional chemical fertilisers with organic material.

The Pune-based fertiliser company made an announcement about the product in the city on Thursday.

Representatives of the company, who were present at the event, said that this is the first such fertiliser and has yielded good results. Arvind Kulkarni, the Executive Vice-President for Crop Nutrition, said, “It has been more than 100 years that there has been no game-changing innovation in fertilisers. The product that we have designed is the first of its kind in India and first of its scale in the world.”

“Traditional fertilisers contain high chemical content and depend on oxidation of their components for the delivery of the nutrients to the roots of the plant. Microbes in the soil are important for the oxidation but the chemicals damage the microbial environment too,” Kulkarni said. 

“The Smartek fertilisers that we have developed will have an organic component coating on the outside and chemical component inside. The organic component encourages microbe growth and ensures more nutrition delivery to the root,” he added.

“The organic component is also naturally acidic. We have conducted research and development and have carried out almost 5,000 tests, the scientific data and results for which is with us. It has resulted in a 12-20 per cent growth in yield,” Kulkarni further added. 

“We also had made it available in the market since January and users have been giving excellent feedback,” he said.

Kulkarni explained that the product will be marginally higher priced. 

“These fertilisers cost Rs 50 more than the average products but will result in much effective yield growth. We have raised an investment of more than Rs 800 crore to create a facility that can produce 1.5 lakh tonnes of the fertiliser,” he said, adding, “This is the first setup in the world that can produce such innovation on such a high scale.”

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