Long queues, chaos, confusion at GPP

ST Correspondent
Friday, 3 August 2018

 ‘GPP is crowded every year’

“While there are four centres in the city for the document verification and admission confirmation of the students, most usually prefer to go to the GPP. Every year, GPP is crowded with students till the admission process is complete. However, the administrative staff works untill the verification process of the documents of all the students who have come on the given day is completed,” Dilip Nandanwar, Principal of GPP and Joint Director of DTE, said.

Pune: Chaos and confusion prevailed on the second day of document verification for admission to the first year diploma course at Government Polytechnic, Pune (GPP), as more than 1,000 students gathered here. The document verification was done at Admission Reporting Centres (ARCs) set up across the State.

There are some 34 ARCs across the State, four of which are in Pune region. Although this has become a regular scene during the verification process over the last few years, the fact is that the students and staff, who started at 10 in the morning, had to wait at the centre until late evening just to finish the verification process. This surely has reiterated the need to create awareness about more ARCs in the city.

Presently, there are only four ARCs in Pune, namely GPP, Cusrow Wadia College Institute of Technology, PVG’s Maharashtra Institute of Printing Technology and Government Polytechnic and Awasari (Khurd). However, according to the ARC coordinators at GPP, maximum number of students prefer either GPP or Wadia.

“Today, we have given out around 1,250 token numbers to the students, who have come here from the city and other areas of the State. While a student can carry out the verification process at any ARC across the State, no matter which college he/she has been allotted, most prefer to go to that particular city even for this. Even in Pune, as GPP is closer to Shivajinagar, Pune Station, many students, who come from outstation, prefer this centre. Being a government college might also be another reason why more students come here, instead of going to other colleges,” Vitthal Shinde, ARC Coordinator at GPP said.

He further said, “On the first day, we had around 500 students. But on the second day, the number suddenly rose to more than double, which is 1,250. We are expecting around 800 to 900 on the third day, which is the last day. Maybe we will start a little early today (Friday). However, whatever number of tokens that we give away, we never call it a day without completing the verification process of those many students. Also, if at all there are students who are yet to complete verification even after three days, we get an extension from the Director of Technical Education (DTE).”

Swapnil Jadhav, a resident of Pimpri, who had come to the Centre for the verification process, said, “I am waiting here for more than six hours now, and I still don’t know when my number is going to come. Forget about food and water, there is nothing even to protect us from the rain here.”

Ajit Kulkarni, a Pimpri-based parent, said that the queue was moving faster earlier when it was a single line, however, when the coordinators made the students stand in two queues, one for Pune students, and the other for those from outside, the process became slower.

Swati Kharade, a professor at Abhinav College in Bhor, who had come along with a few of her students, said, “Our students have come here from so far. No matter what time it is, we are not leaving without getting our verification process done today. We will have to wait.”

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