LokSabha 2019: ‘BJP candidate selection not on the basis of caste’

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Yogesh Gogawale, said, “Pune city has people from different class and caste. No particular caste has a hold on Pune city."

PUNE: The BJP is considering some of the major criteria like public perception,  connectivity with people, implementation and promotion of BJP government’s policies and scheme implemented in constituency while finalising its candidate for Pune Lok Sabha seat, rather than caste. 

City BJP president Yogesh Gogawale, said, “Pune city has people from different class and caste. No particular caste has a hold on Pune city. Therefore, the party will not consider caste factor while selecting Pune candidate. There are other criteria which will be considered. I cannot comment how many or who are interested in contesting election from Pune seat from BJP.’

He was addressing a press conference.

Speaking about the BJP-supported MP Sanjay Kakade, he said, “Kakade is still on the BJP posters. Though he has declared that he is going to join Congress, he has not done so yet. When he officially informs the party, we will remove his picture from Party posters.”

BJP has formed different cells for election campaign of Pune Lok Sabha constituency, along with the Social media cell. Party is also taking precaution to avoid conducting special meeting of party workers to make them aware of election code of conduct. Party has organised meeting of workers on Friday. 

Gogawale said, “On Monday, the party conducted a meeting in Mumbai against the background of Lok Sabha elections, which was addressed by Saroj Pandey, BJP party in-charge for Maharashtra. BJP’s 25 Lok sabha constituency party leaders were present in the meeting. As per instruction from the party, we have formed Lok Sabha management committees in every constituency, which look after election code of conduct, legal, social media, Information Technology, election  manifesto, advertisements, BJP-Shiv sena alliance etc.”

BJP has started preparation for a meeting scheduled on March 18 in Pune. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray will jointly address workers of both parties. It is first meeting after alliance in Pune in which both are going to share same stage.  District Guardian Minister Girish Bapat has also organised a get-together of BJP and Shiv Sena party leaders and workers on Wednesday,  after being appointed alliance coordinator.

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