Local residents volunteering for managing traffic at Ravet Chowk

Debasmita Dutta
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The traffic jam remains a main issue in the Ravet area due to the lack of traffic police manpower

PUNE: On the continuing traffic congestion in the area of Ravet Chowk, the irked citizens and residents of the area have taken up the matter in their hands. They have started standing at the chowk with a stick and a whistle to manage the traffic. Apparently, the traffic jam remains a main issue in the area due to lack of traffic police manpower.

Amol Damle, resident of Aqua Marina and member of ‘Police Mitra’ said, “The road to Ravet’s main BRTS Road and the nearest road connecting the Mumbai-Pune II route has the maximum number of vehicles here. Also the important connection near the suburb of Tilak Bridge, Hinjewadi experiences huge traffic jams during the peak hours due to lack of traffic police staff and poor management of traffic signals. Moreover, due to construction work going on in the internal roads of the area, the traffic becomes worse day by day. There were also incidents when the traffic is stuck at a place for two to three hours.”

Prajakta Rudrawar, resident of Celestial City and member of ‘Police Mitra’, Ravet said, “When we went to the police, we came to know about lack of traffic police. The area remains poorly managed. To solve the problem a group of 10 people created the traffic control committee and helped the Dehu Road Police in managing traffic at the Ravet area. We have also asked Dehu Road Police Station to adjust the timings of the traffic signal so that the traffic doesn’t get affected.”

She added, “We are taking this task together as we face the problem of traffic jams every day, but traffic problems will be automatically removed if every city resident plays the role of friends for the police in their nearby chowks. Then the matter can be solved.”

Abubakar Landage, Police Sub-Inspector of Dehu Road Police Station said, “We are in need of more than 20 to 25 traffic police personnel to solve the problems in that area. When the committee members came to us to talk about the condition of the traffic in the area, on the spot they decided to help us and we guided them about the traffic managing guidelines. 

“After their initiative the area is well controlled and the traffic congestion is less than on previous days. The police department has provided them with jackets as a token of appreciation.”

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