Kuljeit Uppal, the first image scientist in the world, felicitated by Bharat Book of World Records 

ST Correspondent
Sunday, 8 October 2017

Uppal, CEO and Founder of Krea, has become the first image scientist

Pune: Pune-based Kuljeit Uppal, CEO and Founder of Krea, has become the first image scientist in the world. Recognising her achievement, Bharat Book of World Records felicitated Uppal in the city on Saturday.

Uppal commenced her PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Management from Symbiosis International University in June 2013 and successfully completed it on August 2. Her research focuses on Image Management. “As I started, I realised that this topic was absolutely new. Nobody seemed to know anything about it, as nobody had ever looked at it in an academic perspective. In my PhD, the whole subject has been dealt with in a scientific manner. Using scientific methodologies, mathematical models, interaction, I conducted this research. After this study, this is no more a casual subject now, but a science,” Uppal said.

Uppal earlier worked in the corporate sector for around three decades and being on the other side of the table every time, she realised that the youngsters who came for the interview lacked what is called the ‘image management’. “These youngsters usually have the know-about of their subject, however what they lack is the understanding of how to communicate, how to present themselves, how to dress, etc. It started bothering me, as I saw this as the pattern especially among the fresh crop, the fresh graduates and post-graduates. I wanted to do something about this, I wished to make a difference, and one fine day, I quit my job.”

Speaking about her plans for the future, Uppal said, “As part of my research, I met at least 600 students to understand the level at which the UG and PG students in our country stand today as far as image management is concerned. I met with professors, authorities at several universities and also interacted with parents. I found a huge deficiency among children, and so now I plan to go to UGC, universities and then show them my research to emphasise the importance of image management here, from students’ as well as professors’ point of view. I want them to incorporate this as a subject, for UG and PG across streams.”

She also wants to initiate training programmes at universities where she can train the teachers, and certify them to disseminate the information further and train the students further.

Uppal also stated that she is on a mission to create ‘Image Angels’ across the country. “I have trained my Image Angels to reach out to the underprivileged section of the society and help them through image management. I am doing this work in Pune as well, for the economically challenged girls, who are hardworking, intelligent, but cannot afford to hire a consultant. I train them one-on-one for three months, free of cost. I train five girls at a time. My image angels are going to do this throughout the country, to instill confidence amongst economically challenged girls in the country that even they can do it.”

Uppal also said that she would encourage the existing image consultants to increase their knowledge base and try to have a more scientific approach towards this subject.

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