Kharadi residents want a speed breaker installed

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Also want PMC to close puncture near Ganga Arcadia after latest mishap 

Pune: The local residents of Kharadi area are blaming Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for the recent accident at Kharadi bypass near Ganga Arcadia Society.

The residents had been requesting the corporation from the last four months to construct a permanent speed breaker for the safety of pedestrians. However, PMC has done nothing except give false assurances to the residents on Twitter.

Now, residents are demanding to close down the puncture in front of the society after two deaths in a road mishap and fix a permanent speed breaker there. 

On Wednesday, Kantabai Sahebrao Sonawane of Mahora in Jalna district and Nayan Ramesh Mokle (11), both residents of Satav Vasti in Kharadi lost their lives in an accident. 

After that, it was revealed that local residents were pursuing the matter of pedestrian safety for the last four months.
Kiran Palse, Chairman of Ganga Arcadia Society, said, “There is a puncture in front of our society. It has become an accident spot now. From last few months, there were frequent accidents happening. Corporation has put a speed breaker but it is made of plastic rumblers. Due to heavy traffic on this stretch, it was washed out completely. Now there is no safety for pedestrians. Hence, we registered our complaint in the corporation with written application as well as on Twitter. 

However, road department officials gave us reason of lack of funds as well as material to construct a permanent speed breaker.

He further said, “After this accident, we are demanding local corporators to intervene in this issue and close down puncture and make permanent speed breaker as early as possible to save life of people.”

After the accident, administration reacted. Aniruddha Pawaskar, Additional Chief Superintendent of Road department of corporation said, “ For any speed breaker, corporation have to take permission from Traffic police department. We will take permission and make appropriate measure to secure pedestrians. We will also close punture as per local residents demand.”

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