Karve Institute of Social Service students to continue with protest

ST Correspondent
Sunday, 13 August 2017

Meet held with alumni students to discuss various issues

Pune: The students of Karve Institute of Social Service (KIoSS) are moving heaven and earth to improve their condition at the college. The students had conducted a  meeting with alumni students to discuss and find ways to resolve their issues on Saturday.

Around 40 alumni students were present on the campus to extend their support to these students. They have submitted a letter to Director Dilip Walokar and management, demanding to hold a meeting of management and students as soon as possible. Chairman of KIoSS, Sadanand Deshpande was later connected on a conference call with the alumni and representatives of students wherein they have communicated their demands to him as well.

“We have been constantly receiving only one answer from the authority that no one are authorised to amend any rules now. The director has assured us that he is in favour of students and supports us, but we have not seen any sign of any initiative taken in our favour by him. We want to meet the management but permission has been denied. However, a press meet will be conducted on August 16 regarding,” said a student representative of KIoSS.Social media channel.

The students had recently taken to social media to express their plight bringing to light problems that the students are facing. The students were under scanner as college administration had deployed a photographer to click photos of students’ activities to monitor them, according to a post uploaded on social media by a student.

Hostel conditions
The social media post also mentions that a leaking tap in the boys’ hostel remained unrepaired due to which the rooms were filled with water. When the students asked the hostel management to repair the taps, the institute said that the hostel has not been generating enough money to maintain it. Hence, this led to the closure of the hostel. When students questioned the director regarding the problems, he seemed unaware of any such development and said that this has happened without his consent, said a student.

Protest to continue
The students have said that their agitation against the college will continue. The boys and girls have camped in front of the old hostel as a mark of protest and said that they will not stop protesting until they get justice.

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