Indian declares himself ruler of unclaimed land in Africa

Rujuta Parekh
Wednesday, 15 November 2017

According to Dixit, his website has got an overwhelming response from people across the world, with 800 applications for citizenship.

PUNE: The latest social media hero seems to have emerged from Indore after 24-year-old Suyash Dixit declared himself as the ruler of an unclaimed piece of land between Egypt and Sudan after planting a seed in the area and named it ‘The Kingdom of Dixit’. 

The 800 square mile patch, Bir Tawil in Africa, was recently claimed by Dixit on the social media. His claims are yet to be confirmed. 

According to Dixit, his website has got an overwhelming response from people across the world, with 800 applications for citizenship. 

Ownership claims “I had read about Bir Tawil a few years ago. Recently, I was to attend a conference in Egypt,” said Dixit.

“After a six-hour journey from Abu Simbel into the desert, I reached Bir Tawil. According to traditional land laws, you must cultivate it to claim ownership. I did exactly that; I planted a seed in the area and claimed ownership. I even erected two flags in the area. I have written to the United Nations on Monday with regard to the same,” he said.

Dixit said that the route he took for the journey is governed by the Egyptian military. He had sought prior permissions to make this journey. 

“I tried to get permission directly from the Egyptian Military but failed to do so. I once again tried for permission by going through the Egyptian Police and succeeded in obtaining the permission. I left all my valuables back at the hotel and carried only my mobile phone and other necessities for the journey as the area is infested with terrorists. I was asked to return before sunset for security reasons and I did so,” he said. 

Dixit said not only the UN but also other countries must recognise his claim before a kingdom is established. 

“Speaking in terms of international repercussions, there may not be too many problems since it was an unclaimed piece of land. I have written to the UN and I hope to get a response. If this works, my plan is to first safeguard the area so that someday, a settlement can flourish there,” he said. 

- Suyash Dixit said that he is not the first one to claim the piece of land. 
- Few other travellers, including Russians, an Egyptian and a US citizen have travelled here before, he said. 
- The US citizen had claimed the land in 2014 and declared his daughter the Princess of the kingdom. He has given up claim to the area. “I had spoken to him before embarking on this journey. While he had claimed the land, I am the first one to plant a seed,” Dixit added. 

Suyash declared the following on his social media post is grabbing eyeballs: “Name: Kingdom of Dixit (KoD); Current population of country: 1; Capital city: Suyashpur; Ruler: King Suyash I, Date of establishment: November 5, 2017; National animal: lizard (I didn’t see any other animal there). I hereby declare Suyog Dixit as the acting Prime Minister and the Head of Military (if we have any) from today. We are accepting applications for other posts. I am proud to announce my father as the President of KoD as a birthday gift to him.”

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