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Monday, 6 August 2018

The theme for the event was to bring a collaborative approach within the community.

Pune: HR Interact (HRI), a community of Human Resources (HR) professionals, recently held first-of-its-kind event ‘Unconference’ in the city. The event was attended by 150 participants recently.

HR Interact is a community consisting of HR professionals working in different industries in different capacities. The community aims to empower HR fraternity through collaboration and co-creation.

According to Dinesh Gupta, Founder of HR Interact, “Attending the conference has been a ritual for many but the concept of ‘Unconference’ enthusiastically drew many participants to be a part of the event.” The theme for the event was to bring a collaborative approach within the community.

Sudesh Verma, Co-Founder, said, “Unconference encouraged participants to share thought-provoking ideas to engage in open sharing and meaningful conversations.”

In order to harness the group wisdom, HR Unconference was planned on the Open Space Technology framework by Harrison Owen. The participants discussed several critical topics from HR domain such as HR a skill or an art, Impact of technology on HR, gamification in HR and HR as a society maker.

Neha Singh, a member, said, “The event gave everyone a platform to learn and contribute at the same time.” Another member, Bhushan Ramteke, said, “The event has set the bar for all other communities to come together with the spirit of co-creation.”

On the earlier occasion, ‘group process facilitation’ had been carried out by HRI through World Café. This time, HR Interact (HRI) announced the intent to launch the co-created and co-authored book by all those present in the event. In what can be termed as a spectacular attempt, the content of the book was finalised in just two hours. The book will be the first ever book written by an HR community.

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