Hearing impaired workers make blocks out of plastic waste

Neha Basudkar
Tuesday, 5 June 2018

They are are providing pavement blocks to IT companies and contractors in the city

Pune: Two mechanical engineers of the city have invented machines to turn plastic waste into concrete products. Recently, the duo set up a plant in Warje, where seven hearing impaired workers are employed to produce pavement blocks from  plastic waste.

To create an environmental solution on plastic waste, Teeaara Globalizers founded in 2017 by Tanveer Inamdar and Vrushabh Wagh in collaboration with Creative People, an NGO with the support of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Harbinger Group, has started plastic mixed concrete production plant with the invented technology of Teeaara Globalizers. 

Inamdar said that plastic pollution is becoming a talkative issue worldwide and to curb it, this project aims at recycling waste plastic into concrete products.

“Last week, we started with this plant, where the seven workers, who are also hearing impaired, collect 10 to 12 kg plastic from hills, roads and mountains in an hour. They then convert it into 2,000 pavement blocks,” said Inamdar.

He further added that currently, they are are providing pavement blocks to IT companies and contractors in the city. 

“Later, we will also produce benches, concrete grill, road dividers and bricks. All these products will be sold at cheaper rates in the market. We are in talks with Mazagon Dock,” he said. 

“They are going to purchase 10 such machines where plastic from Mumbai will be turned into concrete products,” Inamdar added.

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