Health hazards plague several IT professionals

Namrata Devikar
Wednesday, 5 September 2018

While the Hinjawadi traffic issue is leading to several cascading effects on IT industry and employees working in the Rajiv Gandhi Information Technology Park, Sakal Times in a three-part series highlights the issues bothering the stakeholders.

Pune: With several IT professionals commuting to and fro to Hinjawadi Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park (RGIP) spending over two to four hours on their travel due to traffic issues, it is disturbing the work life balance of these professionals and is also causing different health hazards to them. While the pothole ridden roads assure a bumpy ride, getting stuck for long in traffic jam makes these professsionals a victim of sound and air pollution.
Speaking to Sakal Times, Bhavesh Karekar, an IT professional from Hinjawadi who moved to Pune from Mumbai three years ago, said that the traffic congestion is increasing day by day.

“Earlier, it used to take 10 minutes for me to commute from my residence to my workplace. Now, for the same distance, it is taking about an hour. This is clear to underline the traffic condition in the area,” said Karekar.

He further added that this long commuting hours followed by hectic work time is adversely affecting health and well-being of IT professionals.

“Many people are suffering from stress and also from neck and back pain. When driving a bike or a car, a person faces a lot of stress due to longer commuting time,” said Karekar.

He also added that the pollution levels in the areas are on the rise as well. “Not just air but also noise pollution along with honking has increased,” said Karekar.
Speaking about the impact on health and well being, Dr Sudhir Rai, head of Ruby Hall Clinic from Hinjawadi said that many IT professionals are suffering from stress due to traffic congestion.

“Their lifestyle is already stressful.The traffic congestion in the area adds to their stress. Moreover, people are also irritated when the drive in such traffic conditions. Also, when people violate traffic rules, it adds to the stress level of IT professionals,” said Rai. He also added that many IT professionals admitted to the hospital are victims of road accidents.

“Due to potholes, many drivers, especially two-wheeler drivers, want to avoid a long ride. Hence, they tend to travel in a wrong manner which leads to accidents. Hence, the number of accident patients have increased,” said Rai.
“Due to rise in air pollution in areas, many professionals come to seek treatment for breathlessness. Many of them are young and they also face breathlessness currently. However, if they are exposed to polluted air, they are chances of getting asthma as well,” said Rai.

Pavanjit Mane, President of Forum of IT employees, said that there is a need of a dedicated lane for emergency services like ambulances. “Employees should regularly undergo health checkups as noise and air pollution in Hinjawadi is certainly affecting them,” he added.

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