Glitch in online transfer of ZP teachers

Manasi Saraf Joshi
Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The online transfer process, which was supposed to be completed on Monday, has been extended up to Wednesday for Pune division,” said a notification issued by the Education Department here on Monday

Pune: For over three lakh Zilla Parishad teachers in the State, Diwali was not that bright, as they were glued to their laptop screens or stuck up at cybercafes filling the online transfer forms due to low connectivity and overloaded servers.

The State government is conducting the online transfers of Zilla Parishad teachers for the first time. Due to the technical glitch, the teachers could not fill the forms till Monday morning, which was the last day to submit the forms, leading to chaos and anxiety among many of them. However, on Monday, Rural Development Department extended this deadline by two days, thereby giving some breather to the teachers.

The online transfer process, which was supposed to be completed on Monday, has been extended up to Wednesday for Pune division,” said a notification issued by the Education Department here on Monday.

The process, which was supposed to take place from October 13 to 23, was marred by numerous problems such as connectivity, overloading, login trouble to miscommunication between the authority and teachers.

Interestingly, the notification for the transfers of the teachers was issued in May but the process was delayed due to various reasons. While speaking to this paper, Education Officer Shailaja Darade said, “For the first time, the online transfer process is being done via the portal for ZP teachers’ transfers. A Government Resolution (GR) was issued in February this year, which notified the teachers about the transfers to be done online.
The transfers were supposed to take place between May 1 to May 31, however, due to various petitions against the process, the transfers were stalled by the State. Later, in the month of July, the High Court directed the State to conduct the online transfer process. However, the State government failed to raise the infrastructure required for it and brought more time to carry out the process. Again, while reacting to the petition for delay in implementing the process, the court directed the State to update the list of the schools where the transfers can be made and start the process by October 13. But State failed to update the list till October 17,” alleged the teachers who are seeking transfers.

On October 18, the process was taking place smoothly, but by October 19, it slowed down as the server got overloaded,” said one of the teachers from Marathwada region adding that from October 19 to 23, it was not functioning properly and not a single person could fill and submit the form. Poor connectivity, power cuts, login trouble were few of the glitches,” he said. One of the teachers, who is seeking online transfer from Chalisgaon, said, “The portal is working low besides that I faced problems while logging on to the portal. Even if the login was successful, suddenly I would be reassigned to the home page. Another teacher said, “Overloading of the portal, too many logins at one time, slowed down the pace leading to problems while filling the form.”

Meanwhile, there are over 3 lakh primary ZP teachers in the State. As per the rules, only 20 per cent transfers can be done at one time. But over 60 per cent of transfers are taking place and transfers did not take place at the stipulated time period that is May 1 to May 31. The teachers had to fill names of 20 schools of their choice where they are seeking transfer for medical reasons, personal reasons, etc. While filling the form and selecting the schools, the teachers have to consider the seniority and other factors, which means a senior get the choice first to displace the junior even if s/he was not eligible for the transfer.

Teachers also alleged that they have not been informed through proper channels about the online transfer process. Similarly, a teacher has been selected as coordinator between Rural Development department and teachers, who according to the teachers sends message on WhatsApp and no official communication takes place.



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