Garbage dumping polluting water

Anvita Srivastava
Saturday, 9 February 2019

Garbage residue mixing with underground water has become a hazard for residents of Wagholi

Pune: The garbage dumping ground near Bhaironath Temple in Wagholi is not just an eye-sore for the residents but also contaminates the water.
The societies adjacent to this dumping ground are forced to use water tankers as underground water has been contaminated due to garbage residue.

Sudarshan Ambekar, a resident of Meadows Mystique, Wagholi, said, “We dug a borewell in our society in May 2016 and it is 150 to 180 feet deep. Initially the water was fine but within a few months, there was a yellowish tinge to the water from the well. By 2017, the borewell water was completely contaminated and we were forced to use water supplied through tankers.”

“The water is extremely acidic and unfit to use. In fact, a well just beside that dumping ground is green in colour. We have been facing the problem for the last three years and have been constantly complaining to the authorities to take action,” he added. 

“Although, in August 2017, the Gram Panchayat gave us a separate water line but as the supply is not regular, we are forced to use tankers for our daily needs,” said Ambekar.

Pranay Srivastava, another resident said, “We are struggling with this problem for the last three years. The colour of borewell water is now dark yellow and it has a greasy smell. The condition is so bad you can’t even use the water for washing clothes or utensils.”

“We have invested all our savings in buying property for our family but living in such adverse condition has a toxic effect on our health, what  should we do?” he questioned.
Sarpanch Vasundhara Ubale claimed she can’t be held responsible for this problem.

“Housing societies adjacent to garbage dumping ground are the ones facing this problem. The work for water pipeline has begun as Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) has allocated a budget of Rs 25 crore to resolve this issue but this work will take some time to get completed,” she claimed.

Col Shashikant Dalvi (Retd), National Co-ordinator (Water Conservation) for Climate Reality Project/India said, “Due to constant garbage dumping, especially the water from the wet garbage or rains that fall on this polluted garbage, seeps inside the groundwater and reaches the aquifers (underground stream) and contaminates the underground water.”

“Only if the garbage depot is shifted elsewhere, the issue will be resolved. However, it will require several years to normalise the situation,” he said.
According to a PMRDA official, the work for water purification plant and water supply scheme, having the capacity to provide 0.5 TMC for Wagholi and Pirangut, is under process.

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