Funds allocated for MahaNet scheme

ST Correspondent
Friday, 21 September 2018

The scheme will boost e-governance

Pune: The MahaNet programme, under which low-cost yet high-speed broadband will be made available to the local bodies and various government departments, has got a huge boost as the State Cabinet has sanctioned funds to implement the connectivity scheme. The increased connectivity will help the functioning of the local bodies to be sped up and be more efficient.

The scheme will also give a boost to the spread of e-governance in the health, education and agricultural departments of the State government at various levels.
Each department has been given around Rs 100 crore to implement e-governance facilities. The MahaNet scheme has important components like e-health, e-education and e-agriculture among others. 

The local bodies which will be deemed Point of Interest will get a broadband connection with a minimum 10 Mbps speed with a shared bandwidth of 10 Gbps for the main fibre optic connection. 

The end nodes of the network, which will be between the Point of Presence, the State Data Centre and the Virtual Private Cloud, will have connections of 100 Gbps.
The scheme will also include the installation of smart poles, 4G and 5G service and IOT (Internet of Things) elements. The implementation of the project will be done by MahaIT which will appoint a coordination committee for the implementation.
The chief secretary of the State will be the chairman of the committee. This committee will look after the formalities and functionality of the project.

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