FTII revokes suspension of five of its students

ST Correspondent
Thursday, 12 October 2017

Unhappy with alternative, students continue boycott of dialogue exercise

Pune: The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, on Wednesday revoked the suspension of five of its students. The action against the students was taken on the day of the appointment of new FTII Chairman Anupam Kher for boycotting the dialogue exercise.

The students had boycotted the dialogue exercise meeting as the administration had issued new guidelines for shooting - as opposed to earlier when they could shoot for eight hours each on three days. They now have to shoot for 12 hours each on two days. As this was unacceptable to the students even after discussions over two months, they decided to boycott the dialogue exercise meet.

Speaking about the issue, FTII Director Bhupendra Kainthola said, “We spoke with the students today (Thursday) morning again. We have allowed them to use an additional day and start the shoot a day earlier, on the lighting and prop day itself. However, even that was not acceptable to them. So now, if they still wish to boycott the dialogue exercise meeting, they can go ahead with that. They might lose the credits for the project. However, we will start the next semester, which is the fourth semester, on time. We will not give them another opportunity for the dialogue exercise.”

Kainthola also emphasised that the premium factor about introducing credit based system was that the courses should complete in the given time. “We cannot let that change due to the boycott now. Also, if any students still wish to complete the dialogue exercise, we will facilitate it for them,” Kainthola added.

Responding to the decision by the institute, Rohit Kumar, General Secretary, FTII Students Association, said, “This decision by the administration is not at all acceptable. We also need the lighting and prop day to finalise our lighting and give finishing touch to the sets. Hence, we are firm on our stand that we want three days, and we will continue with our boycott. We are not going to do the dialogue exercise just for the sake of it, but we also want to learn through it.”

Robin Joy, President, FTII Students Association, said, “It's not just about the hours. I am working with a 10-year-old child for my shoot, there is another student who is working with an old lady. How could we expect them to work for 12 hours at a stretch for two days?”

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