Fliers at Pune airport have to place all items in X-ray basket

Sushant Ranjan
Wednesday, 5 September 2018

CISF to take extra precautions while screening travellers to avoid security breach

PUNE: The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) at Pune airport will not take too much time for checking each passenger’s bag and the waiting time has been cut down for fliers. The fliers have complained several times about long security check queues. The officials have decided to make sure that passengers keep everything with them in their pockets in addition to mobile and laptop chargers in trays rather than in the hand baggage.

As per the new rule obtained by the CISF the flier will now be asked to place everything in the X-ray basket. The CISF has started taking extra precautions while screening travellers at airports to avoid any security breach.

“During the security checking, the passengers were told to kept items in hand bags. Now it has decided that passengers will place in the X-ray basket wallets, mobile phones, pens, chargers or any other electronic devices for an added layer of screening,” said a senior official of CISF from New Delhi.

“During the security checks, the officers have found suspicious items inside the bags and they tell the passengers to take away from the bag. It takes too much time. Pune airport is not so big, but passengers’ movement is drastically increased in recent time. The officers can’t spend 10-15 minutes on one passenger if he or she is not suspicious. The passengers have been asked to keep all items in the X-ray tray,” the official said.

However, the facility is not new for the fliers. Earlier, the passengers used the tray to keep the items. But some passengers complained that during the scanning their wallets, mobile and other items were missing. So, it was decided to keep all items inside the hand bags.

During the Pre-Embarkation Security Checks (PESC) at Pune airports, CISF officials usually scan passenger bags and their pockets and often ask passengers to empty their bags if the scanner displays clutter, which takes up more time.

Mohit Jog, a regular flier from Pune airport said this is a welcome move. “Some passengers kept cigarette lighter inside the bag and during the security check when found the passenger takes too much time to find out the item. So, we have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes. This is a good decision and it will take less time during the checks.”

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