First e-toilet for women inaugurated in city

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Shobhit Gupta said, “This particular e-toilet falls under the premium category. It has a tech panel outside that allows users to insert a coin to unlock the doors."

PUNE: Looking at the inconvenience caused due to inadequate numbers of public toilets, especially for women, the Lions Club of Pune, Ganeshkhind, has installed the first-ever e-toilet for women at the Deccan Corner on Tuesday. Also, they will be displaying interactive boards in 100 schools in the city and are planning to install 10 such e-toilets at various places across the city. The cost to use the e-toilet will be Rs 5. Also, the Club has undertaken to develop Krushi Anandvan Garden situated at Satwa Vavdi, Hadapsar.  

The first e-toilet at Deccan Corner was inaugurated by city Mayor Mukta Tilak. Ramesh Shah, District Governor, Premchand Bafna, ex-international director, Shobha Dhariwal were the chief guests during the inauguration. Vijay Bhandari, President of Lions Club, Ganeshkhind, said, “Under the initiative, Lions Club will be installing 10 e-toilets by spending Rs 1.5 crore with each toilet costing Rs 15 lakh. A guard in two shifts will be employed at each toilet for maintenance and in return, the guard will also collect the charge for using the toilet.”  

Bhandari, during his speech, urged that if they get help from the Pune Municipal Corporations they will be able to install such similar toilets in more number in the crowded areas of the city. He also said, “Hundred interactive boards with syllabus have been put up at the corporation and private non-granted schools. One board costs Rs 2-2.5 lakh and we have spent over Rs 2.5 crore. Besides, sanitary napkins disposal machines would be placed at 20 schools including VS Satav High School, Sri Sant Tukaram Vidyalaya, TD Pathare Vidyalaya and Khadki Education Society. The Club is also going to avail 700 garbage boxes for waste management. Also, the garden will be developed into jogging track, yoga centre and other such similar developments will be made.”

Tilak said, “It is a need of the hour for such toilets because people have a reluctant behaviour towards cleanliness. These toilets will not only provide cleanliness but will also save water. Also, the women travelling long distance would get to use the toilet which will be clean and friendly.” 

Shobhit Gupta, Director of SAMtek, the manufacturer of the e-toilet, said, “This particular e-toilet falls under the premium category. It has a tech panel outside that allows users to insert a coin to unlock the doors. The inside toilet, there is a lavatory, flush system, and a wash basin. The flush works on its own and the wash basin has a water supply from a water tank fixed up above the toilet which is of 500 litres, that pours in water as soon as the user places his hands under the tap. For each person, one to three litres of water is dispensed. Once you are done with the use and lock the door, SAMtek automatic toilet cleans itself by spreading and sprinkling water as well as anti-germ chemicals to keep the toilet absolutely reusable for a long time.” 

“Also, one can be inside the toilet for not more than 20 minutes, after which a red siren situated outside the e-toilet starts ringing. The toilet seat is also cleaned automatically and the floor is also cleaned automatically after ten uses,” she added. 

“CCTV cameras will be soon installed. And there is an emergency button inside the toilet which is controlled through an app which the staff of SAMtek has and in case of an emergency our people will be deployed on the spot. Also, there is a system of sanitary napkins disposal machines which will cost Rs 5 each,” Gupta added

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