Even after three weeks Koregaon Park police clueless about the molestor   

ST Correspondent
Sunday, 3 September 2017

The accused stalked and repeatedly molested a 22-year-old girl

Pune: The Koregaon Park police have not been able to arrest the molester, who repeatedly stalked and molested a 22-year-old girl at Burning Ghat Road, after almost three weeks.

The girl was repeatedly stalked and molested thrice by an unidentified man in Koregaon Park (KP), after which she filed a complaint at Koregaon Park police station on August 13.

When Police Sub Inspector and Investigating Officer Neeta Gaikwad was questioned about the delay in nabbing the molester, she said, “We are not able to catch the accused as we are not getting enough cooperation from the victim. She is the only one who has seen the culprit and can identify him.”

However, similar reply was also received from a senior police official. Rajendra Patil, Police Inspector of Koregaon Park police station, said, “We need more cooperation from the victim in order to catch the unidentified accused.” When questioned, despite having sketch of the accused why police are not yet able to arrest the accused, he said, “We are also trying on our own and doing our best to arrest him.”

It is significant to note that the victim works in a mall and was molested for the first time in Koregaon Park on the night of August 6. She was on her way to her friend's home and while passing through Lane ‘D’of Koregaon Park, she was touched inappropriately by a motorcyclist, who then sped away. 

The complainant was attacked for the second time on August 8. She was going to her friend's place on Burning Ghat Road and was molested near the gate of her friend's building. She was again touched inappropriately by the same person. She was again molested by the same culprit on the night of August 9. 

The police have booked the accused under section 354A (Sexual Harassment and punishment for sexual harassment) and 354 D (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code.  

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