Early cervical cancer test kit developed by AyuGen

Manasi Saraf Joshi
Friday, 11 May 2018

“The test takes less than 30 seconds and is completely painless,” said Manish Pungaliya.

Pune: “Cervical cancer has beaten breast cancer and has become among top two cancers among women in India. As many as 200 women die every day due to cervical cancer,” said Manish Pungaliya, Director AyuGen Bioscience India Private Limited. The company is a part of Science and Technology Park, Pune. 

While speaking to Sakal Times, Pungaliya said, “Cervical cancer is caused due to virus Human Papillomavirus. And four out of five women are exposed to this virus once in their lifetime. Although, the cause of this cancer is known and is preventive, lack of awareness among rural as well as urban women has made it a leading cancer type in our country.” Pungaliya said, “The test can be done for early detection of pre-cancer conditions and the success rate of it is between 92 to 96 per cent while the certainty of not at the risk is 99.9 per cent. Of course, even if the test is positive, it does not mean that you are suffering from cancer, but you are at high risk.”

“The test was brought into the market a few years ago. The technology although was not indigenous and a significant amount of work was done in India. We are the first ones in the country to introduce this type of technology,” said Pungaliya.

“The test which costs just Rs 2,500 is available with gynaecologists or with the hospitals. Earlier, the test was done at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, but now it is available everywhere,” he said.  “The test of 15,000 women so far has been done. The sad part is that the awareness level among healthcare workers about this type of cancer is also very low,” said Pungaliya.

“The test takes less than 30 seconds and is completely painless. No needles are used and no fasting is required to conduct the test. The test can be done before or after the menstrual cycle and the reports are available within eight to 10 days,” he said. 

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